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Dr. Belinda Joseph


Dr. Belinda Joseph

Dr. Belinda graduated with a dental degree from University of Padjadjaran, Bandung, Indonesia. She has a keen affinity for helping those in need and dentistry gives her a professional avenue to do this - alleviate the pain and discomfort her patients go through. She also takes pride in the aesthetic elements of care, striving to couple beauty with functionality.

She has frequently provided voluntary dental care in rural villages throughout Indonesia, Cambodia and Malaysia, where basic dental care is almost non-existent. Working with the children in these villages has been a life changing experience and rejuvenates her zeal and passion for what she does. She always has her eyes peeled for opportunities to expand this network of dental care for those below means.

Dr. Belinda also makes it a point to guide her patients through tenets of good oral hygiene, and help them overcome fears involved with dental care. With the aid of technology she always wants her patients to be comfortable and calm.

Dr. Belinda has lived in Malaysia, the UK, Singapore and Indonesia. She loves embracing new cultures and is a true adrenaline junkie! Her hobbies include photography and team sports.