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Dr. Hanna K. Abraham


Dr. Hanna K. Abraham

Dr. Hanna received her dental degree in 2008 from Manipal University in India after choosing a career that allowed her to be creative and artistic with her hands, while at the same time incorporating a scientific knowledge.

Before joining Livingwell Dentistry, Dr. Hanna spent several years working in the government sector in a variety of clinical settings. This enriched her experience with a variety of treatment choices and allowed her to impact people from all types of life. She pushed her skills as she continually sought to improve her care methods to a higher level. Dr. Hanna’s goal is to offer only the optimal quality of care to her patients.

Dr. Hanna wants her patients to understand the reasoning behind every type of dental procedure. Patient education and knowledge always comes before treatment. This way the patient can actively be involved in their treatment decisions and make the most educated choices possible. She believes good mutual interaction enriches the clinical experience.

In her spare time, Dr. Hanna enjoys being an unsuspecting foodie and exploring new food joints around town. She has a love for live music and thought provoking books.