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Dr. Resha A. Malik


Dr. Resha A. Malik

Dr. Resha, an Iraqi native who grew up in the big apple, earned her dental degree at Baghdad University, Iraq in 1999. She then went on to build her career in Malaysia, where she was named one of the most successful women in the country by Harper’s Bazaar.

Dr. Resha is committed to providing the highest quality of dental care. Her philosophy centres on prevention, education, close patient relationships, and applying the latest technology. Use of the LightWalker dental laser system is one of the many reasons which separates her practice from others. With lasers, Dr. Resha provides an innovative, no-contact dentistry that's faster, painless, and more effective than other methods. Her goal is to promote confidence and well-being by helping all of her patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles.

Outside of work, Dr. Resha enjoys running, dancing, and spending time in the city. Her passion for life and love for her family keep her busy as she raises her beautiful daughter Shahad and a "naughty-by-nature" son Ali.